Saturday, 19 February 2011

outrage of anger

today my mum left benjamin with me and my sister so that her and my dad could go out for lunch, so i was looking after him for like about 10 minutes and i came upstairs to take a shower and for all that i was aware of my sister was supposed to look after him. he asked if he could go play with his friends lucas and his brother (our next door neighbours) and I said no because it was rude, he played with them most of the day yesterday. so as i got in the shower  i warned my sister to look after ben. so i finished my shower came into my room got dressed etc and went downstairs to check on benjamin, and he wasn't there! I LOOKED EVERYWHERE IN THE HOUSE! i told my stupid ugly sister to look after him while i was in the shower and she didn't she stayed in her disgusting room and not once checked on ben. so when i told her that ben was gone she didn't even care, i told her to go to the next door neighbours and ask if benjamin was there but she didn't do anything! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! i was so angry with her, she doesn't want to do anything, all the cares about is herself stupid idiot. her laptop is broken and she wants me to phone up the company, no do it yourself. i asked her to go and ask the neighbours and she said no! its her fault, i told her to look after ben but she didn't! SKFNSDKFNSDKF! i seriously want to kill her, not even lieing right now. so i had to go to the neighbours soaking wet because i just came out the shower and luckily Benjamin was playing with lucas,  my stupid fucking sister didn't even care! why can't aliens just come and take her already, she makes my life so miserable!    

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