Monday, 31 January 2011

 GLEE is on in a bit. im so god damn excited right now, although i have no idea why. sometimes i just have those moments were i feel totally surreal and crazy, I LOVE IT. i was just talking to rowan about how he shouldn't make fun of any religion and  I told him he was wrong, I did myself proud. I filled in my apple application form for a job, im so excited i really do hope i get in. i love apple, i've bought most of their ipod's and I  use safari and im planning to buy a macbook, everyone loves apple even though they're so expensive they are so beutiful. har har i now have 8 followers, im going to check my stats maybe more people have read my blog. i have triple drama tomorrow morning and then double history. gutttted.

i have to go now, get ready for bed + glee
night xxxxxxxx

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