Monday, 24 January 2011

mooooooooooooooooody cow

today has been the longest day of my whole entire life, it dragged on and on. i don't know how to explain how i feel right now, it's odd i don't know whether i should feel bad for myself or bad for others. today in sociology one of my close friends was talking about her relationship and how it wasn't going so well, i can honestly say i felt heartbroken for her. She's so lovely and sweet preferably one of the nicest people i have met in my whole entire life, and to see her upset because of her relationship made me really sad. i wasn't really close to her before but over the last year especially during the school play we became really close and she is a person that i truly care about and to see her upset kind of made me upset. through this whole day i've constantly been reminded about relationships and it has pissed me offfffffffffff. people say that its great to be single and not care but being single is like being lonely, when your in a relationship you feel like you can talk to someone about your feelings and that they actually care about you. im actually thinking that im not meant to be in a relationship at all, no matter how hard i try maybe its not finding the right guy maybe its just that im not suitable for any guy.
one of the worst days eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.


  1. i understand pardis ;/ </3... its depressing x

  2. pardis i welled up reading this, i say this about a lot of stuff but that is the nicest thing i've ever seen somebody write about me. You care sooo much and its just lovely! :) Thankyou baby! I would say the right guys just around the corner but i won't because it seems like you've had a rubbish day :/ but i willllll tell you this!; YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP YOU DOOP! Who could not love such a beautiful creature ey?! inside and out :-) i loveee you :D!xxxxxxxx