Friday, 7 January 2011

importance of reliance

it has only been in the recent weeks that i have realised how much we depend on others in our everyday lives. most of us pride ourselves on being self sufficient but the truth is that we rely on others in every aspect of life. Every single thing we do is based around others, whether it is choosing what to wear for the day, buying something for lunch or simply having a nice warm shower in the afternoon. if it were not for others they way they judges us, it would not matter what we wore each day because we would dress how we wanted. If it weren't for others and their skills in cooking we would have to make our own lunch everyday, and if it werent for the hard work of others we would not have hot and clean water rushing through our taps on a daily basis.

when we are sad we rely on other people to make us happy and unbeat. when we are happy we need other people to see and recongnise our happiness in order to validate it. we require other people to judge our looks and tell us whether we are ugly, pretty, skinny, fat , tall or short. the reliance on other people is important in life as we move forward and learn to love but it also falls back on us as wer rely on less on our own thoughts and more on the thoughts of the judgment of others. depression can be brought on by the feelings of uslessness and indequacy that are triggered by the other people and thier successes. it sounds pathetic and selfish but when you think about it how can you feel indequate if you have nothing to live up to?

the majority of people spend their entire life searching for the one, for their partner that is made to make them feel compelete. one of the main accomplisments in an adult life is getting marries which reietrates the importance of finding another person to make yourself feel compeled. on of the first things asked as a teenage girl is ' do you have a boyfriend' this constant questioning about a teenagers reliance on another person can make someone who is not with a partner feel mediocre and outisde the social norm.
however, the teen years are the most important times for finding ones identity and a place in the world and is one of the key times to find out the truths about the world. it is a times to learn that no everyone is going to be trustworthy and caring, people will hurt you and let youd own but that just about leaning who are they ones that you should care about. the only people worth bothering about in your life are the ones that bother you, and the ones you trust and you truly care about. you life is too short to be wasted on people who would not waste theirs on you.

sometimes it can take something dramatici to realise how important other people eand relationships are in your life, such as death or ilness in a loved one or the illness in yourself that requires help from someone else. luckily ive realised that.

much love

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