Saturday, 8 January 2011

one of my dreams that became a reality

FINALLY brought my katy perry tickets today! phew i was extremely worried that they would be sold out so i was praying and hoping that they had at least two left for me and ella. i dont really sort of write this kind of blog genre, just like diary writing but i think i could probably get used to it.
the realization of katy perry still hasn't sunk in properly, it will seem more real when it comes closer to the date.

this week has been mock exams throughout, however the odd matter is that i actually enjoyed myself and the exams. most of them were really easy like sociology and statistics however i.t and welsh were just terrible, especially welsh. i think that this year i really want to try in school, no drama no guys nothing. just study and stuff. this week i also went to central perk with habbiba, caitlyn, nadira,sayda,arman, alika and charlie it was fun, i just wished that ella and louise were there as well they would have really enjoyed it. but saturday was just the best day!

first me and ella got our katy perry tickets for october, then we went to the library when louise came. it seems blunt but honestly it was such a fun day.

lmfaaaaaao lloyd was just telling me about how ryan is sleeping on the floor drooling, maybe i find it funny because i laugh at most things.

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