Thursday, 6 January 2011


I believe in a lot of things but for some apprant reason I can never get my head around to think about someone that is going to be exactly like me, the person who is just right. We all want the perfect guy, or if we're a boy we would want the perfect girl, however hard we try we are never going to find them. I like to believe I'm going to meet someone who is going to be different, exciting, someone who is going to like the same interests as me. They have to be different but not that different. It's like the saying that opposites attract.

If we spend all of our time searching for that perfect person, then I can tell you that we're never going to find them. However amazing and great a person is seen by the eyes of others we can still find mistakes in everybody. Like the good old Hannah Montana song nobody's perfect. cheeesy.

its strange but true that we can find love in the places where we never thought of.
wish me luck with the exams
much love

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