Monday, 31 January 2011


har har har i feel so cheecky, im in mrs evans ict lesson and im on blogger, i feel like such a rebel. we just finished our english oral, SO FUNNY! espically salman, he was the takeaway owner. nobody found it as funny as i did. fucking hilarious. grr jessica is flirting again, as usual. this girl irratates me so much, first she flirts with liam like all the time. i want to hit her so much and now she is flirting with fiesal who recently broke up with charlie. i really dont understand how jess is a person, it feels like she has no feelings for other people around her. i want someone to hurt her the way she hurts other people. i actually feel sorry for danial crofts that he went out with such a nasty ugly little c.a.t! he seems like a really nice person why is he so stupid as to go out with someone like jess. maayn im talking alot. anyway i want to tell her about it, like why she flirts with so many times and why she enjoyes hurting people, dont worry im going to get her back like i got her out today in baseball. well basically in double games today she got me out and loads of other people so when it was her turn to run i dabbed her with my ball like crazy, SHE CANT GET AWAY WITH MURDER. I wish a dog just comes right now in this ict room and eats her.

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  1. she still flirts with liam -.- hell is going to break loose pardis! HOLD ME BACK!