Sunday, 9 January 2011

i dislike it when girls talk bad about their ex's. i mean no offense yes some guys are can really idiotic but there is no need to talk badly about someone after they could have changed. man my grammer is not good today. but seriously it really bugs me that girls are so in love with their boyfriends when they are in a relationship and when the guy does something wrong its over and they hate each other.
this seriously applies to me as well, i used to be a real bitch to the guys that i had been with before and i can actually say that i am truly sorry but i have never hated any of them. hate's a strong word and i dont believe it should be messed about with in everyday life. i believe in second chances mostly because i have been give many and i do believe that from them people do change. however if you criticise someone and make them feel awful by telling them you hate them imagine how they would feel. i hate to say it but it is mostly girls who do this as well, not trying to be biast in anyway. i seriously dont even know why i wrote this, i was getting quiet bored. sorry for the bad punctuation and grammer :')

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