Sunday, 9 January 2011

love yourself, love others

I have been taken by superise by the amount of people who are unwilling to help each other out or just the simple matter of being nice to people.

I myself like to try and be the best person that I can to most of the people I will meet, this is because they are going to be the ones to make our society in the future. Without them relationships and friendships would not be formed. Of course I was not always like this, I admit that I have treated people awfully and not listened to their opinon, especially the guys that I have been in a relationship before, so I am truly sorry. However there are so many people that feel good about seeing others suffer and hurt, they enjoy watching people's lives fall apart. This is not only saddening but also evil. These are the people that are self centred and try to persue our hopes and dreams will never come true. The best thing that you can be done is to erase them out of our lives forever, why should we watch our pain be enjoyed by others. Forget drama,forget confrontation and forget arguments simply get them out of your life. This can be a person who you considered to be someone you cared about. Have the courage and faith in yourself that you can suceed and that you deserve the best in life.

Other than those are being intentionally cruel there are some people that act this way because they have forgotten how it felt like to be happy. They are over whelmed with being in stress and and lost in their troubles and worries. Having to deal with problems like this can occur in relationships,friendships and familes. Sometimes putting on a smile can brighten up other's day and yours. I have this strange desire to help people, make them happy and ensure they have the best time possible. Many people say that I'm a nice person, I'm not I'm just here to fullfill my purpose.

learn to love yourself and others, be happy with yourself and the world around you and endless joys will flood into your life. I have an amazing group of friends and family that I truly care about, even the ones in class that I don't tend to speak to much often, and well I'm terrible when it comes to relationships so I won't even go there.

much l o ve

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