Thursday, 5 May 2011

writing challenge part 5 *write about your feelings towards someone'

I'm not going to write about my feelings 'relationship wise' for someone, simply because they told me that they don't want it published, which is fine. 
so instead im going to write about my feelings towards someone who apprantly hates the living guts out of me. 

' I don't actually know how to feel towards you, you have actually made me so upset for such a long time that I'm probably going to always remember this. the rumours you made up, the hurtful things that you were telling me, everything. you have turned me into this little miserable bunny - not a very nice feeling. to be honest I don't know what I have done to you, at all! You don't know me as a person, and for all that I know I have never ever done anything to upset you, at all. so why do this all to me? why hate me for no apprant reason? I'm sick and tired of people like you making me feel bad about myself, I feel like shit literally all of the time, worthless shit. I don't hate you, not one bit! I could never hate you, simply because I don't know you that well. but the things that you have said about me were just vile. at one point my parents actually thought it was the truth. so thank you for that. I have kept this whole thing a secret, I have told no one anything about anyone, especially you. but there you are aiming status at me, very nice. people are going to think that I am hypocrite because I am writing this and aiming at you, but at these type of situations I don't care about what people think of me. I try and try and try and try to put this all in the past, but whenever I'm in lesson I tend to wonder what on earth have I done to treat this? its okay though, because I'm not a person to hold a grudge, its fine. I don't believe in Karma or whatever, but I hope that you will never have to face the hurt that I did and still do, im not that cruel. 

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  1. you sound like such a lovely person