Wednesday, 4 May 2011

writing challenge part 4 *write a letter to anyone*

I am going to be writing a letter to Ed Westwick. yes the man of my dreams 

Dear Ed, 
   this is kind of stupid because your never ever ever going to see this but I'm just going to write one anyway just so you know that I loved you. first of all I cannot believe that you went out with Jessica. WHY ED WHY?! you know how much I dislike her. She's let fame and fourtune get to her head not to mention the fact that she was ractist, why would you ever go out with someone like that? i'm writing, in bedroom, in Wales listening to the Clash. I wish you would come to tour the UK with your band, I would run to your gigs when you Come to Cardiff. lmfao well this is a bit weird. 

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