Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I really need your help

Okay so as a part of my Media work me and my friends have to create a fan like page on facebook and get as many likes as we possibly can! I know that most of you have facebook so if you could like the page and send it to your friends I WOULD APPRECIATE IT SO SO SO SO MUCH! i know that not a lot of people read my blog but the ones that do read it and even comment and say how much they enjoy reading my blog, it makes my whole world so much nicer and happier! not to mention that when I write something and you guys think I'm upset some of you email me, its the nicest thing ever! I am so grateful for the small bunch of people that read my blog! so I will post the link of the webpage below, be sure to like and send it to your friends ;D! 
love every single of you xxxxxxxxx
(actually I will post it later because I don't think it has been made yet) 

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