Tuesday, 3 May 2011

sorry for not being perfect

urgh. what is it with me and feeling crap these days? its non stop feeling like shit all the time, why pardis? WHY?! - hmm well let me start. Right now I feel like A LOT of people hate me, not just dislike me but purely hate me. I mean I would understand if I had done something wrong to them but most of them just hate   me based on the things that have been said about me. people listen to them, non of them are true, they're all stupid little rumours that are ruining my last year in high school. I had three hours of drama and I felt so lonely, everyone has their group of friends and I'm just there. I feel like I'm interrupting them if I speak so I tend to just keep to myself and go with the flow, they are all lovely people though which is nice ^.^ 
I feel like I have this 'portrait' of people expectings girls like me to look perfect and when they do see me its like - ew. well yes I agree I'm not that most good looking person in the whole of the school but its just mean when they say it to  your face, i feel so ugly and my whole confidence is put down. I always try and say to myself that I'm not going to let people's comments bring me down but wahay I still manage to feel like crap. I really want to talk to someone but I don't know who. maybe after I have finished some revision I will have a quick look at facebook to see what's occurin'. 
I missss arnisssssa :(!

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