Wednesday, 11 May 2011

blogger mess

Man it feels weird to be writing a post that doesn't really mean anything to me, but I thought I would let you guys know something. recently there has been some chaos about posts that when people find out out they are upset about, this is about me by the way. just in saying in general, of course I am not going to name anyone or any blog because I don't really do that. 
  the thing that I like about my blog is that I don't mention people on here, I won't say anything that might offend people. which is why my blog has never been a problem for myself or others that are reading it. I just think that by naming people I come across as a bitch - and I don't really want that. HOWEVER if you have ever read my blog and think that I have published something that has hurt your feelings, firstly I would like to say that I am sorry because I wasn't aware of it and I am sure I wouldn't want someone to do that with me and secondly I would like you to tell me because I can then say sorry in person but to actually give you to sort it out, meaning that i will delete the post. 

 i am sorry for not posting a lot, i have been caught up with a lot of revision. post soon i promise xxx

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