Tuesday, 31 May 2011

addicted to the 50's

as most of you would have probably noticed by now i decided to change the background of my blog - i changed it from little firework thingy's to poka a dots. i dont know why i am so obsessed with the 50's right now, their fashion, their youth , their style everything was so much different and so much better. I wish I could live in the 50's, I would fit right in. the whole era just looks so cute and fun, unlike living right now. ive looked around for some 50's inspired bikinis and swimsuits just because when I go to America in 31 days I want something i feel comfertable and sexy in, something that shows my personality. I looked around for some with cup cakes on it and some with poka dots but nothing. the bad thing is that I am a DD cup but i have the smallest weist possible, 32cm :(! uuuugh its such a pain looking for bra's because their either too big or too small.
okay why am i talking about this? this is what revising biology has led me to! who cares about osmosis or whatever, i just want my grades and leave, goodbye. but then the thought of a levels and uni frightens me so much but in a a good way, im excited to learn more and become more independant I guess. me and ella are probably going to birmingham on friday for FOREVER21. WOOP WOOP!
i should probably get myself some more coffee because i am falling asleep even  by looking at these books. wish me luck.

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