Monday, 16 May 2011

i am not depressed

this is seriously starting to piss me off, how many times people, i am not depressed! I AM NOT DEPRESSSED! just because i am happy in school and sad at home does not make me depressed, i just hide my emotions. there have been a couple of posts from this year which make me look really emotional and stuff, but depressed? c'mon seriously. and the worst thing is people think I put it on, if i wanted to put it on i would make it obvious that I am upset, not hide it away from everyone. argh! i keep getting these anon messages saying i need to get help! HELP FOR WHAT?! I AM NOT DEPRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED!


  1. how!!! How do they contact you? via your email. Pardis honestly they are pathetic to call you that. Everyone feels down now and then doesn't mean you have a problem, you probably have more of a problem if you are happy 24/7. Lol, don't let them upset you because thats what they want, bunch of bitches >:(

  2. louise they comment on the post, but as anonymous :S!!! xxxxx