Tuesday, 3 May 2011

writing challenge part 4 *rant about anything*

haha well that should be easy since I seem to rant and moan to myself all the time, in my head obviously, I tend to keep things like this to myself just because I don't want others to think of me as a moody person. rant rant rant thinking about it I don't know what I should talk about, there are so many possibilties. 
ah! I've got one. I'm not going name anyone because its kind of a private thing. so here it goes 

- arfgharkjhfs! i hate it when someone tells you something and then do something stupid just to show how much of an idiot they are, and just when I thought he had changed. Of course he hasn't. dont be so stupid pardis, your so gullible seriously. It's not my fault - I am easily persuaded by anyone or anything, just a minute ago I opened a whole box of chocolates that I was meant to give to my dad as a thank you gift for listening to my problems. but my tempatation caused me to eat it ;) so yes. as I was saying, he told me that he still loved me and how I was the only girl on his mind. hmm well that's odd because 3 days after it your in a relationship with someone else. seriously!!! I don't even care because I don't have any feelings for you anymore, we were done 2 years ago, done and dusted. I only started speaking to you because I thought you had actually changed and wanted to give this 'friend' thing a chance, but you've ruined it all. well not all, I'm not going to not speak to you, but there is no way in helllll the next time you tell me you have feelings for me am I going to be nice about it, I'm going to be the biggest bitch ever. actually no I'm not, I couldn't imagine myself making someone feel so horrible. I'm not bothered by the fact that your in a relationship, I'm bothered by the fact that for some reason I believed you. the person that I have feelings for is 100000000000000000000000 times better than you, he's honest, and nice, funny not to mention his love for The Smiths. should I rant a little more about the fact that I want you hit you in the face when I see you, but I can't since I'm the weakest person ever! 

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