Sunday, 1 May 2011

writing challenge part 2 *write a fanficition*

is it only me that is not familiar with this word? I don't know whether it means write a fiction piece or if its just another genre of writing. So I don't think that I'm going to write about it at all, since I really don't want to embaress myself  :]


  1. Lol paradise, a fanfiction is when you use characters from like your favourite book or programme e.g dan and blair, or ron and hermione and you make up a situation with them that hasn't happened, so like dan and blair go on a date to a festival or something like that, you could even do it about you and someone you really like, say you met morrissey and he serenaded you, hope that helps, sorry for the long explanation :L xx

  2. lmfaao awhh thank you alika :D! I like how you used a example of dan and blair - hopefully blair will realise that she is making a mistake by going out with the prince and tell dan that they want to be together :L thank you again for the explanation xxxx