Saturday, 21 May 2011

about to burst with happiness

Right now I am the happiest person in the whole wide world. seriously, no one can reach the level of my happiness, its brilliant! Today I want to town with my mum, looking for stuff to wear for presentation evening. After visiting so many stores I finally found something and I am really excited to wear it. I also bought a lot of jewellery  and shoes, and two tops from republic and a bikini from Hollister. Oh and  I went to paper chase and bought a massive piece of black card for my form tutor, I plan on printing pictures of the whole class and sticking it on, like a massive collage, and then I am going to get my form class to sign the back. I know it sounds cheesy and all but I really love Mrs Murray, she has been my school mother<3! whenever me and ella are upset we just go to her and she talks with us, I feel like ella is my sister and Mrs murray is my mother. it's going to be so weird going to college not being in all my lessons with Ella. I'm going to miss her so so so so much, even though we're going to be seeing each other all of the time, but still. From the very first day that I came to cathays, me and her have been in all the same lessons, well except P.E! I have grown up with that girl, it feels like a massive chunk of me is all my memories with that girl. okay this is getting even more cheasier by the minute. ahh im so just excited because all of my brilliant friends have got in, every single one of them! SO EXCITED! FOR COLLAGE,FOR AMERICA,FOR SUMMER,FOR CLOTHES!!!!

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