Sunday, 22 May 2011

what my blog is about

my blog is a mixture of everything, but mainly it is a place for me, for my thoughts, for my feelings and for the things that happen to me everyday. I write about something that I want to, my blog is a way of expressing myself. I don't really do 'beauty' blogs just because its my not really my thing, I don't think you can show people how to be beautiful because I like to think we are all beautiful in our own way. Of course I am not saying that beauty blogs are bad, but its just not my thing I guess. 
   I'm still in my PJ's at its 11. I cannot be bothered to get up, its my parents anniversary tomorrow and I do not have a clue what to get them. I had to help my dad pick something out for my mum because he's not very good at shopping. i need to go some R.E revision because my exam is tomorrow. wish me luccck

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