Sunday, 15 May 2011


I'm so so so excited! its getting more closer to going America with two of my best friends. Me and my friend ella we're going to go to forever21 and then wagmama, I'm so excited because if i chose something that I like but it doesn't suit me then she is there to help me chose another one. and the main part of going on holiday is spending time shopping with your friend, i'm really really excited to eat wagmama though, if thats how you spell it, I'm not sure, its supposed to be amazing food. BUZZZZZZING! we've planned out everything, we have to meet hot life guards in america and make them fall in love with us har haaaaar! if only it were really like that, sorry if i am babbling on about my social life, i know it bores me when I read someones blog and all they talk about is how their so this and that, to be its just like make it private, no one wants to read these things. I wish louise could come to forever21 she would enjoy it so so so much! and we can take her to wagmama and everything, it doesn't feel right without her, she's going to miss out on amazing fun, but i have a plan. I am going to capture her, in my bagpack and take her to birmingham with me, shh its top secret. okay so now i know what you guys are thinking, wow is this girl high? and yes I am, I am high of excitement and joy, something other than sadness and shit because I have seriously too much of that inside me. hehe i bought new pj's from marks and spencers and it is so softtt! I shall take a picture and show you guys.
wish me luck for my exam tomorrrrrow <3

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