Tuesday, 31 May 2011

i wish

after spending the whole day watching the only way is essex and made in chelsea, i would love it if i lived like them. I know most of the things they do and say is for the tv but it looks like so much fucking fun. I WANT TO DO THAT!  I spent the whole day revising which is was so so good, and then went for some body treatement which i am not going to mention. my parents had a little to much wine with their dinner which now means that my dad is drunk singing in the kitchen to the smiths. ahh i love morrissey but my dad singing along with him makes me want to commit suicide. tomorrow i am going to spend the whole day at the library and have drinks with ella at TGI. I remember we went there when were on work experiance and to go back would be so amazing, I am going to persuade the others to come along as well. just the thought of being able to drive and being able to drink in the pub legally excites me, and the fact that I go to the supermarket and come home and drink wine and it would be totally legal. Today after doing about 2 hours of revision I went downstairs got my self a glass of Shiraz and sat in the garden, all by my self. no one was home, so I was just talking to myself looking like a weirdo, it as was so nice to have a good catch up with myself. this sounds selfish but i like to pay a lot of attention to myself, just because I don't want to let things bother me and if they do bother me then i have like a depressive month, which takes the fucking piss, because everything seems to annoy me and all i want to do is stay home and eat. I have the feeling that I am going to be obese one day, seriously, not even joking right now. I eat so so much, i am going to start going to the gym and carrying on swimming a lot, i just wish someone would come with me - it would make the whole thing so much more fun and exciting. I am blabbing on way to much,

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