Monday, 30 May 2011


like my spanish title? it means hello, but im pretty sure you guys already know that. 
AAAAAAH GAWD it feels good to be typing again and posting again, its like sex. well not its nothing like that but ya get my drift. I have been so busy with exams, they have actually taken over my life, i miss my freedom and being able to have lazy days and not have to think about anything - but ever since they had to create exams i have had to say goodbye to all of that. so much has happened i dont even know where to begin to write, first of all i would like to say that I MISS YOU! yes blogger, I MISSED IT EVER SO MUCH! I was resisting to go on it this whole time but tonight I finally gave in, and let me tell you it - it feels GR8. text writing - feeling gangster.
i am using my stupid computer because my laptop is broken, technology hates me right now. this week i have had to say goodbye to by beloved Camera, untill it gets fixed, my laptop has fucked up, and my phone decided to bail on me. what else could go fucking wrong? sorry for the language, i guess i swear a lot but i cant help it. hopefully when i get my grades for gcse then my parent will buy me a MAC. no not the makeup silly's the laptop of course.
its getting really late and i want to wake up early tomorrow morning which means i have to say goodbye to blogger and hello to my bed and ipod. mm looks so beautiful. 
im off to sleep, missed you guys a lot, but dont worry i am back 

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