Monday, 26 July 2010

multiple bodies

After a series of unfortunate events recently, I feel compelled to write about friendship. What is friendship? When we are in nursery, our friends are those who have the cool crayons that they are willing to share. Friends are easily made and there is no conflict, no fights and no racism. Love beats all things when you are young. However as we get older our friendships change, and unfortunately they become more serious. We are awoken to the horrors of the world – crime, racism, poverty, injustice.. and this affects everything we do. Our friends are chosen more carefully and we often have issues trusting people. Tiffs are inevitable as personalities clash, but the saddeset thing is when a friendship falls to pieces over the smallest wee thing. Teen and adult friendships can be broken beyond repair, but in nursery fights would be resolved with a hug and a kiss, and then we would all play on the playground for hours like nothing had happened. This is one of the many reasons I respect children highly.. they are so forgiving, so innocent and so beautiful. They are our future, and however underrated and badly treated they are, I will always be the one to harbour utmost respect for them.

Friendships are so fragile and precious, and I live in constant fear of my friendships falling apart. Something so beautiful and delicate is easy to break, and some people do not understand this. I will never take my friendships for granted as I know I am incredibly lucky to have them. My friends bring me endless joy and laughs, there is no other people I would like to spend my life with. They bring colour to my black and white world and make me smile even on my darkest day.

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