Tuesday, 20 July 2010

imperfect is the new perfect

Everytime I want to write about my life, i always end up earsing and editing a lot of the things. I've tried many many times before to write a short story about my life but i never really had the chance to be able to finish, and look back at it. This is proberly because i regret a lot of things that i have done in the past. Even though im still young, i have so many regrets. Looking back at them, I actually think to myself " WOW, was that really me?"

Life's a battle, and to victorise this battle I need two things, Faith and Courage. Over the last year i've really noticed a change in myself, my friends, my family. Its just the nature and noture of things I guess. The point is no matter how hard i try to win the battle, something is always stopping me. Okay that was a really bad example. It's just that i try so hard to be what people want me to be, and to act like someone im not that im envolving to be something which i have never even thought about. I like indie/rock kind of music, I Love the colour black, i love the rocky sense of fashion, i love peircings and tatoo's, converses, skinny jeans, science. This is how i am, and im just beginning to show. I'm also a Christian, and looking back these years i haven't really acted like one. I've said and done things which i deeply regret. The point im trying to make is that everyone is different. Different taste in fashion/music/food/faith/religion etc etc. And we should be appreciated because of all our properties, we shouldnt try to be something that we are not just for the sake of pleasing people. You can't please everyone, the most important people in your life that you should be pleasing are the ones you love.

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