Monday, 19 July 2010

The essence of happiness begins within

I have often been told that i am the happiest person people have met., and I don't think I'm even close. why? because i don't even try.

My life is filled with magnificent things- the amazing lord, great friends/family, an amazing home and a wonderful closet full of clothes which i love. My cupboard is hardly ever short of my currant addicts of lemon and ginger green tea, and even though I'm nearly always loaded with homework i feel blessed to be receiving an education at all. A friend recently moved here from Thor hometown, as her parents wanted to give her and her brother a cleaner, safer environment to learn and grow in. I Mosley have almost lived in Cardiff my whole life, taking its safeness and beauty all for granted. #

As Ive gotten older, I've realized that all it takes is a simple yet charming smile to change someones day completely around. I am starting to live by the motto ' be nicer than necessary, because everyone you know is fighting some kind of Battle'. It might not make sense to many people but it seems to me that this is how people tend to live their lives. Were always fighting against something, we might not even be aware of it. complicated yes? Happiness is not something that comes easy, it takes time and effort. It's okay to be sad sometimes just remember that happiness comes from within it comes from you being happy with yourself and not what people think about you :)
peace xxx

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