Monday, 19 July 2010

the greatest things happen at night

I think i have discovered the reason why all these rushing thoughts and heighted emotions occur in bed at night.- its because it the only time during our day that we truly have to be ourselves. Our days are filled with pleasing others, ensuring our work is done to the correct standard, commuting and putting on a brave face to the world. We never truly have a moment to be ourselves untill we are in bed at night.

My best writing happens at two or three in the morning, when I write a post and then save it as a draft to edit in the morning. The truth is, these late night posts hardly ever need much editing as writing is so amazing if it is done at the right time. It is the only moment which feels mull over my thoughts and think about the days happenings, and in doing this i am often inspired.

Armed with a mug of tea and a hot water bottle, I will settle down on the laptop or computer in bed and either begin to write an essay about one of my subjects, or more likely a post for my blog. I have numerous drafts saved which i have started but never had the time to finish them.

Until then, don’t let your thoughts carry you into the wee hours too much. You need to be bright and well-rested to face the day ahead!

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