Monday, 26 July 2010

memories are precious little things

Memories play a very important part in life as we know it, whether they help us in the future or just aid us in telling stories to our grandchildren around the fire. Memories are created every day; the cutest baby we have ever seen, our friend cracking a hilarious joke and our first kiss are all things we wish were imprinted in our minds forever, captured in our hearts and pinned on a little corkboard in our memory. We want to capture them and never let them go – almost like trapping an insect inside of a glass jar and screwing the lid on extra tight. The insect doesn’t flourish or change, it stays exactly the same just like our precious memories.

The earliest memory I have is when I was three years old. It was a sunny summer’s day and I was sitting with my mother in our living room on my tiny plastic play chairs. Our family friend walked through the open door, cheerily said hello and ruffled my hair as he always did. It’s remembering things like this that make me love life; so many people go out of their way to make other people’s lives better and easier. Every time we saw our friend he would ruffle my hair, and still does it occasionally today. It takes me back to the happy and carefree life I had as a toddler, and reminds me of the easy friendships that were made and hours spent giggling and laughing over the silliest things. It is only now that I realise how much of a nuisance I must have been to my parents – laughing nonstop and squealing to my heart’s content. But I didn’t know any better; it was my way of expressing my love for the world and things around me, my appreciation of nature, love, friendships and colours. Memories of my childhood have changed the way I view the world today, as I realise that even though it is filled with corruption, deceit and sin there are good people in the world. I have realised that children are our future, and if we treat them with love and respect they will grow up to be valuable members of society with a positive outlook on life.

As humans, we are all naturally nomadic and restless, always moving from place to place and never settling for long. We always look towards the next milestone in life, the next “big thing”, the next birthday, tomorrow. While we focus on the future, who will focus on today? As amazing things are happening in your life, take the time to enjoy them. Savour them like you would the last piece of chocolate on Earth – don’t wolf it down, nibble it slowly, enjoying every bite. Do your best to capture these moments in your heart and memory, you’ll never get them back.

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