Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Best Of Both Worlds.

Sometimes I just sit and ask myself; “Was I born in the right era?”

On some days, more often than not after I have been spending time watching Vintage Clothing Fashion shows. I feel as if I should have been born in the 50′s. The days when women were treated with respect and love, and their bodies were praised rather than criticised. The days when the women admired by young girls were naturally pretty, wore tomato-red dresses and had beautiful, voluptuous curves. When hair was higher than the sky, tea & toast was served in abundance and garments patterned with polka dots could be spotted on clothing racks as far as the eye could see. This time appeals to me in a way no other era ever could, but as I sit here typing away on my laptop I feel obliged to state that I also rather love the world we live in now.

All the information I could ever need is just one mouse-click away. Millions of images are at my fingertips within minutes, and I can gain inspiration, tips and guidance from different people all over the world. My writing has developed in unimaginable ways from of the help of others and the internet has helped me gain many opportunities to showcase my pieces. I have been able to study for exams, tests and assessments with accurate and detailed answers right in front of me.

My heart is torn. I am in love with the simpler, more beautiful era but I also like where we are at this point in time. I adore how vintage is coming back into style, as I am able to get a taste of the times I love so much without missing out on the technologies of today.

I think we really have the best of both worlds.

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