Sunday, 14 November 2010

realization of the true meaning of life

So I've only just realised how we try and base our everyday lives to make other people happy, although we don't realise it, it still happens. We spend our whole day trying to make other people happy while we might not be in the right state of mind ourselves.

For me, I'm only myself when I'm around my close friends or family, while if I were to talk to a person for the first time, I would have a slight sensation to make them like me. That would consist me laughing at their jokes or trying not to be rude in the way I speak. These are all attribues that lead us into being someone were not.

In my slight weird opinion, we are not being truly ourselves. What is life worth living for if your trying so hard to be someone your not. Surly that can't be right.

The true meaning of life, is being yourself gaining experiance which one can only dream of....

If that wasn't cheesy I don't know what is
much love

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