Tuesday, 16 November 2010

a persons poem;

I would describe myself as being very similar to a poem.

Upon first reading, a poem probably seems pretty standard. A few rhymes here and there, some alliteration, and maybe some sibilance thrown in if you’re getting a bit sophisticated. Just like me. Upon first glance I seem to be pretty average and normal, albeit being shorter than other 15/16 year old girls.

When you read the poem again, you get taken a bit deeper. New ideas, meanings and interpretations pop into your head about the piece. Just like me. When you come up and meet me, you experience my personality and the kind of person I am. Warm, friendly, kind and pretty loud to be honest.

When you separate the poem into stanzas, even more meaning is developed and even more messages are revealed within the poem. Just like me. The second time we meet, you might notice a new aspect of my personality that you didn’t see before. You may learn more and more about me and what I like to do, the way I think and maybe even about my family.

It could take a few times meeting me to realise that this is my true personality. Just like reading a poem.. sometimes you can read it a thousand times before realising its true meaning.

Just like a poem, I am interesting to begin with, difficult and confusing, but once you take the time to understand me, everything will become clear.

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