Friday, 3 June 2011

dating but nothing serious

im not usually the type of person to go on dates and not be in a relationship with someone, i dont know why thats just how it has always been. but two days ago i went out with this guy that i met at a party, he was so so so lovely and  sweet, not to mention generous. we went out, he paid - something a guy must must must do on the first date. it was so nice, he got along very very well it was just like another guy friend. its really gutting because nothing can ever really happen between us since hes moving to mexico because his dad is an ambassedor. meeeh. it was like one the things you would see in a movie, and its so sad when it actually happens to you. im off camping with my friend yasmin and our familys, were going to the breacons for a couple of days which should be really nice, although i have to spend my time revising for maths and history, :( meeeeeeeeeeh

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