Saturday, 11 June 2011

this is has just become a pointless hobby

to be honest I actually have no idea why I bother writing on here. at first it was like a place for me, my thoughts and shit. but now i just cant be bothered, i dont know whether its because of exams or the fact that I am spending so much time having fun with my friends, but blogger has become dull and boring for me. I want to write about something which is really interesting not just writing about my personal life and what I do on a daily basis. Because i really dont like that, i mean why would someone come on my blog and want to read about my life and what I do everyday, im sure they would much rather prefer if I wrote about something that has a meaning, a kind of parable i guess. meeh i dont know, im so tired and stressed, and confused. my school yet again have decided to fuck up my exam times, i dont know what time my exams start at all, and the teachers are no help at all, all they seem to do is make me more and more confused. I CANNOT WAIT to get out of that shit hole, goodbye everything and everyone. Everyday when i walk into school for my exams, the feeling at looking at Cathays just makes me bored. its the most dull and boring place ever, the people (my friends) are the only exciting thing about it. to be honest it looks more like a prison cell. I got my camera back which feels amazing, they have cleaned it properly and gave me a new lense, so i was a very happy bunny. I have to go back to revising I.C.T and Sociology and Media. aaaaaaaaaagh some one kill me now?

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