Thursday, 4 August 2011


oh my God it has been too too too long since I wrote a post. I MISSS THIS! I miss babbling on and complaining about my terrible life aha :')! i am really really SORRY for not paying attention to this blog - it has been a crazy couple of weeks and I have been enjoying every single bit of it.
Expect this blog to be a really big one since i am going to tell you guys about eveerything that has happened over the last couple of weeks. ahh goodness where to start?!?! there is just so muchhhh! i have had a roller coaster of emotions, and i have had some of the best adventures and experiences with people that I ADORE. okayy so lets start with PROM. at first i wasnt that keen on going to prom - well i mean i was at first because ella ( best fwend) was supposed to come but a bunch of my other friends had decided that they didnt want to go to prom and they were going to do something else when prom was going on. so one of my friends aqsa decided that she was going to have all of the girls over her house and they would all hang out - for some reason that didn't happen. by then my mum had made me change my mind and persuaded me to go to prom  - at first i was really mad because it made me angry that i was going to prom by myself - my mum was like forcing it on me?! well none of my other friends were going so of course i dont want to go either, i dont want to go there having a terrible and boring time because no one of my other friends were there. so i went around several shops with her and I finally bought a dress which i thought was decent  - i didnt really bother because it wasnt that important to me at that time - considering that fact that i was still mad at my mum for persuading me to. not to mention a week before prom so everyone had bought their dressed shoes and everything and i still havent found a dress. i really didnt want to go at all. ( I  JUST OPENED MY WINDOW RIGHT OPEN BECAUSE IT IS SO HOT IN MY ROOM NOT TO MENTION I JUST HAD A CUP OF TEA) annnnnywaaay so then i bought a dress and all in all it went well - i ended up going to prom and having a brilliant time although it would have been more fun if my close friends were coming but they didnt want to. the music was hilarious but the food was disgusting. they went all posh and decided that we would have some gross food to be honest i would have been fine with a bucket of KFC chicken - but nooooooo. and then AMERICA came along it was the most amazing time of my life. it was the most beautiful country in the whole wide world - the people are so friendly and nice and everything you could ever want was there! i am so going to live there. i went to Vegas,Utah Arizona and LA. beautiful places. i got to meet and become friends with an amazing amount of people, its something that i am goingi to always remember for the rest of my life. i went to ST davids for my open day and it was ok. im looking forward to going there in september there were a lot of hotties. aha :L
i really should be going to sleep i have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.
p xx

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